Bloom Impact presents their first Nigerian partnership with Purple Money, an important alliance that expands digital financial product offerings to Nigerian MSMEs.

FEB 24, 2020

Following Bloom Impact’s expansion into Nigeria last November, we are now proud to announce the first Nigerian partnership with Purple Money, a Microfinance bank. Purple Money’s core value of “providing customer driven solutions to clients ranging from micro to small and medium scale enterprises” promotes Bloom Impact’s mission and together we can increase access, affordability, and adoption of financial education tools and services across Nigeria.


Purple Money is committed to offering a range of personalized & accessible financial products specifically designed for MSMEs. They are also committed to promoting internet banking and harnessing the power of digital solutions to expand financial services. This partnership will increase the range of products and services offered by Bloom Impact’s digital marketplace in Nigeria. Nigerian small business owners will now be able to access loans, savings & current accounts, and competitive interest rates as well as financial management tools like bookkeeping and credit scores.


Purple money will similarly benefit from digital and cost efficient customer acquisition as well as enhanced customer service to existing customers. Bloom Impact’s marketplace will provide Purple Money with data on their customers, organized and vetted leads, increased digital KYC and the opportunity to expand their reach.

Bloom Impact’s partnerships are at the core of their innovative approach to finance. This new partnership increases the reach of Bloom Impact’s financial tools across West Africa and sets the stage for future partnerships in Nigeria.