Bloom Impact wins WSA Award, recognizing their commitment to Inclusion and Empowerment in Africa

JAN 24, 2020

We’re thrilled and humbled that Bloom Impact has won the 2019 World Summit Award (WSA) for Inclusion & Empowerment in Africa. The World Summit Awards are a unique awards system, selecting and promoting local digital innovation to improve society. Combining an ongoing series of international events and activities with a global network of start-ups, social entrepreneurs, mentors, jurors, speakers, experts, government leaders, academia and civil society, WSA is an international platform for cutting edge examples of how technology & Innovation can impact society in a positive way.

We’re honored that our mobile application, offering business owners access to a wide range of affordable & convenient financial services, has been recognized as an important purpose. The inclusion and empowerment category awards innovations that promote inclusion of all, empowers citizens, enhances use of enabling technology to promote empowerment, and more. These are missions that Bloom Impact is proud to adhere to and propel forward. We are enthused to share this accomplishment with our followers.
With over 15 years of international experience, WSA is a quality seal for digital content with societal impact in over 180 participating countries.

WSA stated the following “In this global competition, the winners of 2019 demonstrate how content driven digital solutions decisively support the transformation to a knowledge society and also assist to achieve the UN SDGs. They enable us to handle our daily routines more efficiently, empower people and communities, make education more personal, relevant, fun and inclusive, dig deep into our cultures, strengthen civic engagement and contribute to an open and transparent society. They demonstrate the diversity and richness of digital content solutions globally.”

We appreciate being part of this community going forward and to benefit from the lifelong knowledge-sharing and partnership with our fellow winners. We are confident this will continue elevating our work and propel us to continue helping micro and small business owners access the digital solutions necessary to grow and offer employment.