Bloom Impact becomes a New Member of Women’s World Banking, recognizing their role as a champion of women's financial inclusion

October 2019

We’re honored to have been selected as a Winner of the Women's World Banking Network (WWB) Fintech Challenge. We’re proud to be part of WWB’s global capacity building and investment efforts that provide women with increased access to financial services. WWB identifies financial service providers who showcase best practices in reaching & engaging women with financial products. Members are committed to responsibly serve unbanked & underserved women, advance women’s leadership & diversity and share learnings & best practices in women’s financial inclusion with fellow partners to achieve scale and impact.


Our digital marketplace for MSMEs provides access to educational tools & financial products such as loans, savings, current accounts, bookkeeping and more, while providing our financial partners cost-saving customer acquisition & enhanced customer service tools. This solution helps women improve economic prosperity by building income-generating activities, employing more, investing in stock & business expansion, saving for future business needs and contributing to household integrity.


We’re committed to serving women’s financial needs & advancing their empowerment by bringing the bank to the entrepreneur digitally and advancing local partnerships with women’s associations. Through our partnerships with Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Ghana Seamstresses & others who focus on supporting women owned businesses, we impact community-led, female-focused organizations. Additionally, we tailor social media to focus on the work of Women entrepreneurs. As a result 53% of our customers are female entrepreneurs. Ghanian women are the most entrepreneurial in the world, according to the Mastercard Index of Women’s Entrepreneurship 2019, owning 46.6% of the businesses in the country and Bloom Impact is proud to make their financial inclusion a priority.


We look forward to growing & being an active member of Women’s World Banking network to share our learnings & strengthen our model, allowing us to reach more women entrepreneurs.