Agents help small business owners apply for banking services on their own smartphone - including access to credit, savings and current accounts. Agents report to the head of the Agents Program on issues relating to App Usage.

Job Description

  • Promote and explain our service.
    • Market and explain the Bloom Impact value proposition to small business owners as potential customers.
  • Get small business owners and salaried workers to Download & Sign up and help them use the Bloom Impact App on their smartphone.
    • Achieve volumes of downloads, signups and banking applications.
  • Call and visit leads to support their usage of the App.
  • Get leads to submit playstore reviews and follow us on social media.
  • Answer or Refer ALL questions and feedback to your Supervisor.
  • Provide weekly reporting feedback to your Supervisor.


  • HND/Diploma or higher.
  • SHS graduate with practical Business Knowledge
  • Exhibit understanding of how basic financial products work (savings account, current account, loans, etc).
  • Own an Android smartphone with a version no less than 5.0 and be very comfortable using Apps on your phone.
  • Highly motivated to earn commissions and comfortable working autonomously.
  • Enjoy teaching and explaining to others, especially those with limited digital understanding.

Earn COMMISSION directly via Mobile Money:

  1. Earn GHC 2 for EACH CUSTOMER you help download the Bloom Impact Application and Sign Up.
  2. Earn GHC 5 for every Loan, Savings and Current Application that you refer.
  3. Earn GHC 8 upon approval by one of our bank partners.
  4. Potential to earn a bonus by reaching monthly volumes.

If you qualify send your Full name, location (region and city/town) and phone number via whatsapp to: 0556365845 OR 0247161439